SOUND COMPOSITES Sound Composites USA continually innovates to insure that we offer the world's most comprehensive selection of high quality carbon graphite composite stringed instrument components.

Of note: January 1, 2014:
- Visit us at Winter NAMM Exhibition from January 23rd through 26th in Anaheim California in booth 5292 Hall B.
- See and play the Samuel Shen (CSC Products) acoustic double bass model that features a proprietary and dedicated SC USA fingerboard.
- See the unique NS Design fingerboard used on their fine Czech-made electric upright basses.
- Try the new Sound Composites lightweight carbon fiber Sonusphere performance loudspeakers.  These flat response and ultra-wide dispersion speakers represent the cutting edge in speaker design for stringed and other instruments.
- Test the new Naturalsonic Perfect Balance magnetic upright bass pickup system.  Easily installed and removed, it provides adjustable string spacing with the ability to match the arc/radius of any fingerboard; available in 4-, 5- & 6-string models.

Sound Composites USA is pleased to provide our fine parts direct to builders involved in all scales of production.  You need not wait to experience the advantages of sound composites.   Take advantage of working directly with us to expediently satisfy your needs and requirements.  Good service and top quality parts are our prime mandates.  Contact us at Sound Composites USA to find out what we can do for you.


photo of Rivinus Viola on display in the Nationion Music Museumphoto of fingers on cello

Dramatically improve the performance of your stringed instruments by incorporating Sound Composites parts.  Our carbon parts will improve the harmonic content, tonal evenness, sustain, stability and durability of your instruments.

Coupled with fine craftsmanship, having the best materials is an essential ingredient to a lasting, great playing and masterful sounding instrument. Let Sound Composites work with you to maximize your instrument's potential using the best carbon fiber components. Sound Composites... helping to define practical standards for the New Millennium.


Contributing to the Traditions of the 21st Century.

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